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  1. How can a child be adopted?
    Legaly married couples who do not have children, in case they wish to adopt a chid, written applientary should be forwarded to probation officer incharge of the unit or to the commissioner of probatin and child care services.
  2. How to register a children’s home?
    The application form registration of voluntory children’s home and B form should be duly perfected and forwarded to the commissioner of probation and child care services.
  3. The procedure to admit a child to the children’s home?
    In case where the child is without parents or guardian and when the economic constraints prevent the upbrings of any child, who is under 18 years should be refered to the probation officer of your unil or the commissioner of the probation and child care services.
  4. What action should be taken in the case of child abuse? 
    Incidents canserned should be informed immidiatly to the probation officer incharge of the unit.
  5. Action to  be taken in violation of children’s rights?
    Inform chidren’s rights promotion officers in divisional secretariot, probatin officers or probation and child care services commissioner.
  6. The way to get family counselling for a scattered family:
    Meet and discuss with children right promotion officer in divisional secretariot or probation officers.
  7. If a child is engaged in child labour the procedure of action to be followed:
    Nearest police, probation officer, Labour officer or commissioner of probation and child care servicess should be informed.


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